Do you have a book idea and want to see it published?

Great! Do write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

However, the creation of book does involve a huge investment of time and effort from you, the author, as well as us, the publisher. Therefore, please do submit a proposal explain your book idea to us. We can definitely help you define it better or even refine it.

The following are a few parameters which you should think about and must include in the proposal.



What exactly is the book about? What exactly will the book help the reader accomplish? This section explains the book idea.

Tentative Title name:

What is the name of the title? You can suggest multiple names. This section suggests the title name.

Table of Contents:

What is the scope of the book? What are the topics that will be covered?a4

This section defines the scope of the book.

Length of Manuscript

This section specifies the expected number of pages.

Target Audience:

Who is this book for? Is this for beginners? Is it for professionals looking to get to the next level? This section answer the question ― Who is this book for?


Is your idea unique? Are there existing titles already in the market? This section mentions other titles based on the similar idea.

Unique Selling Points:

What makes this idea great? This section explains the beauty of the idea.

Project timeline:

Would you prefer a well-spaced planned schedule? Would you prefer a more aggressive schedule?

This section explains on how you would meet the deadline.