BUY- Mastering Apache Solr



In the open source, full-text search community, a leader emerges – Apache Solr. Apache Solr enables you to index and access documents orders of magnitude faster than classical databases and thereby provides a first-class search experience to your end users. 

Brief Description:
Mastering Apache Solr is a practical, hands-on guide containing crisp, relevant, systematically arranged, and progressive chapters. These chapters contain a wealth of information presented in a direct and easy-to-understand manner. This book covers key technical concepts, highlighting Solr's supremacy over classical databases in full-text search, which will help you accelerate your progress in the Solr world. 

Detailed Description:
Mastering Apache Solr starts with an introduction to Apache Solr, its underlying technologies, the main differences between the classical database engines and gradually moves to more advanced topics like boosting performance.
In this book, we will look under the hood of a large number of topics and discuss answers to pertinent questions like why denormalize data, how to import classical databases' data inside Apache Solr, how to serve Solr through five different web servers, how to optimize them to serve Solr even faster. An important and major topic covered in this book is Solr's querying mechanism, which will prove to be a strong ally in our journey through this book. We then look at boosting performance and deploying Solr using several servlet servers. Finally, we cover how to communicate with Solr using different programming languages, before deploying it in a cloud-based environment.

Who this book is for:
Mastering Apache Solr has been written for developers, programmers, and data specialists who want to take a leap towards the future of full-text storage and search and offer a world-class experience to their users. The reader is expected to have a working knowledge of traditional databases, Linux-based operating systems, and XML configuration files.

Style and Approach:
Mastering Apache Solr is written lucidly and has a dynamically simple approach. From the first page to the last, the book remains practical and focuses on the most important topics used in the world of Apache Solr without neglecting important theoretical fundamentals that help you build a strong foundation. 

Mastering Apache Solr will empower you to provide a world-class search experience to your end users through the discovery of the powerful mechanisms presented in this book. 



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