Stage 1:

You may be astonished to learn that the first step is not to start writing a book. At inKstall, we motivate authors, even before they kick start the project, to understand the target audience for the book and who they believe is going to read and buy their book.

Mostly we hear from authors “This book is for everyone and anyone want to read” This is surely a wrong perception. The logical way is to figure out the niche of readers first.

Stage 2:

In stage 2 you write the book. This step is the critical path of this project. More often authors find this step challenging. In this process, you need align yourself with our editors and focus on writing a book as per the target audience. Project initiation runs smoothly however to complete the project to “The End” can be difficult for first-time authors. For this purpose, our Project Managers come into play, as they constantly track the milestones of the project and recommend settling page or time goals to help you to stick to the deliverable deadline.

To structure your book appropriately, it is essential to draft an outline first. Thereafter fill in those outlined blocks. Doing this, when you get stuck in one section/chapter then you can write in another predetermined section/chapter.

Stage 3:

Editing, editing editing your book! For most authors, this is the stage where author's moral to continue with the project goes down. inKstall editors come into the picture for this reason itself, to help you through this stage. Authors feel comfortable in figuring out where their book needs work, but for others, Development Editors help edit and show them places to elaborate or cut.

Stage 4:

Once the chapters are edited and accepted by our Development Editors then chapters are sent to professional reviewers for a thorough technical check of the book. Ideally we have 3-4 receivers per books. Once Development Editor receives the feedback from reviewers the feedbacks are combined shared it with the authors. Authors may not necessarily make the changes in this stage. Author’s primary intention is to focus on first draft chapters.

Stage 5:

By this stage, authors have submitted all his first drafts. Now he looks into Reviewers and Development Editors feedback and to work on it. By this stage depending on the type of the book, the book layout and cover design process will kick start.

Stage 6:

By this stage, Authors sends in all the final drafts. At this stage, our Technical Editors and Copyeditors process begins where they go through the book with a fine-toothed comb word by word and code by code. Thereafter Indexing, Layouting, and Designing process begins. Lastly proof of cover is sent to the author for review. At this stage, authors do a final proofread and make any final changes and adjustments.

Stage 7:

At this stage, the book is ready to publish and we publish it with all the leading book channels. We approach Amazon top reviewers to review this book. By this stage, our dynamic Marketing Team has already created a buzz about this book. At this stage, our Marketing Specialists hit the gas and get the marketing plan kicked into top gear.

Following are the timelines for 300, 200 and 100 paged book to get published with inKstall:


Project Timeline

300 Pages

11-13 months

200 Pages

8-10 months

100 Pages

5-6 months