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    About IGCSE

    • The IGCSE is an English language-based examination developed by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Education(CAIE), recognized in the United Kingdom
    • It is considered equivalent to the Certificate of Secondary Education(CSE) in India and the General Certificate of Secondary Education(GCSE).
    • Cambridge IGCSE offers more than 70 subjects and 30 languages. These are available in multiple combinations.

    • The IGCSE curriculum allows a student to opt for a minimum of 5 and not more than 14 subjects.

    Subject Groups

    Group 1: 
    Languages (First Language, Second Language, Foreign Language, etc)
    Group 2: 
    Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography, English Literature, History, etc)
    Group 3: 
    Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc)
    Group 4: 
    Mathematics (Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, etc)
    Group 5:
    Creative, Technical & Vocational (Accounting, Business Studies, Computer  Studies, Music, etc)

    IGCSE Extended vs IGCSE Core

    Based on abilities of every student, the there is a choice between core and extended in some papers in IGCSE.


    • Easier then Extended
    • Grades range from C – G


    • Curriculum targets academically able students
    • Grades range from A* to E

    Grading System

    • Cambridge IGCSE is graded A*–G.
    • The change from a A*-G grading system to a 9-1 grading system has led to 9-1 grade International General Certificate of Secondary Education being made available.
    • In some subjects, there is no choice of Core and Extended papers. For these subjects, the full range of grades is available
    • *’UNGRADED’ indicates that the student has failed to reach the standard required for a pass.
    • There is no compulsion on students to follow the same level of curriculum in all the subjects. Moreover, if a student fails to meet the minimum satisfactory requirement of either core (G) or extended (E) curriculum will be ungraded.

    Examination Schedule

    Exams in February, May, and October and results in the months of May, August and January respectively.

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